SM Investment Company Limited (SMI) is a collective effort of Nepalese in South Korea to invest in Sano Milti Khola Small Hydroelectric Project (3MW), located in Ramchhap, Nepal. SM Investment intends to collect the investment mainly from the Nepalese in foreign employment in South Korea. Large number of Nepalese in foreign employment are earning not only foreign currency for the country but also much knowledge and experiences which will be very useful for Nepal for her economic development. Presently Nepalese people working in South Korea alone are earning as much as the amount required to develop 200MW hydropower project in Nepal every year.

Promoted by Global Nepali Investment (GNI), a Nepal based company with the objective of collecting global investment to the hydropower development of Nepal, SM Investment intends to collect participation of more than 500 investors from Korea and Nepal to invest in the project.